Air Conditioning Installations Thornbury

We’re the first choice of Thornbury residents when it comes to their air conditioning installation.

Whether you need help selecting an air conditioning unit that looks great, is in your price range, is environmentally friendly and meets your needs or even if you’re already selected one and simply require an installation by a qualified professional we can certainly assist.

We’re capable of supply an array of big brand name air conditioning units at great prices and best of all they’re complete with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty to provide you with excellent peace of mind. To find out more simply call 0409 434 850 today.

A qualified professional is a must when it comes to air conditioning installations. An expert electrician will ensure that your air conditioning unit is installed safely and installed for optimum efficiency. Optimum efficiency should always cover the electricity the unit uses however efficiency also include selecting the ideal location for your air conditioner to best cool the room.

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Air Conditioning Service Thornbury

Whether commercial or residential it’s recommended that you have your air conditioner serviced at a regular basis. A regular servicing will ensure efficiency and safety. Air conditioners cool the air using harmful chemicals and when your air conditioner isn’t serviced regularly there chemical can begin to escape without you realising.

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Air Conditioning Installation Thornbury

Air Conditioning Installations Thornbury

Our electricians are expertly trained and qualified to deliver industry leading air conditioning installations in Thornbury. Our Thornbury air conditioning installations are known to be of the highest possible standards. To ensure efficiency and the best performance, call CableTech Electrics, your local air conditioning installation experts in Thornbury.